January 2020

Master Instructor’s Thoughts on Bullying


My Thoughts on Childhood Bullying- I have a very peculiar view on bullying, based on our evolution as human beings. Before we were living in an agrarian society, we, as human beings, were hunter gatherers, the key word being 'hunters'. This is still coded into our DNA. All people have the propensity to hunt [...]

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July 2018

Master Instructor’s Welcome Letter


Master Instructor’s welcome letter Welcome to Maximum Martial Arts University!  I would personally like to extend my appreciation to you and your family for choosing our school.   I am excited to help you along the tremendous experience of discovering martial arts and to help you receive all the benefits Maximum Martial Arts has to [...]

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June 2018

Attaining Goals in Life and Martial Arts


Attaining Goals Everyone has goals. Not everyone has a plan for reaching those goals. Here are some principles to use in achieving your goals. Positive Thinking: Do not be a pessimist! There is something good to be found in almost everything. Do not blame other people, things, or circumstances or otherwise make excuses for [...]

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