What do you think of, when you think of Michael Jordan: success or failure? So, most people think of Michael Jordan as the GOAT… he’s a 6-time champion, multiple MVP’s, first billionaire in sports, first player-turned-owner… you name it, he’s done it! The second part of the question – and it’s rhetorical/food for thought – is what if we asked, if Michael Jordan’s a success or failure, after he got cut from his high school basketball team sophomore year? What if that was the “end” of the assessment period we used to judge him as a failure or success? Same guy… different point on his time line. Perseverance = the bridge between success & failure. Grit… a willingness to keep getting punched in the teeth, stand back up, spit a little blood, put your mouthpiece back in, and continue pressing forward… Many competitors/former competitors in martial arts can take this literally! Long-term thinking, establishing and accomplishing goals over the long haul, is so much more important, than measuring your success based on a failure or two in the short-term.  So here’s a question to continue the conversation: Who’s ever been a “failure” at something, that they’re now great at?