Characteristics of Winners
  1. Winners expect success: Winners are confident. They expect nothing less than success. They are willing to work hard and make sacrifices, in order to achieve it. They will not let themselves be defeated through self-doubt or incompetence.
  1. Winners stay motivated: Winners have a strong, burning desire to achieve their goals.  They have a resolute mind absolutely set on making their goals and dreams into reality.
  1. Winners see their success: Winners visualize themselves accomplishing great tasks in full detail.  They are able to meditate on their goals and see themselves bringing them to fruition.
  1. Winners stay focused: Winners keeps themselves focused on their goals.  They avoid distractions.  They set short term goals in order to stay on track in accomplishing their long term goals.
  1. Winners use self-control: Winners are not impulsive.  They think before they act.  They control their emotions, appetites, speech and actions.
  1. Winners are disciplined: Winners work hard.  They have high standards and morals to guide themselves in their actions.  They have a deep respect for their parents and teachers as well as customs and traditions. They do the right thing, even when no one is watching.
  1. Winners have self-worth: Winners understand that they are unique masterpieces.  They value themselves and their time.  Winners are willing to stand up for themselves and their convictions.
  1. Winners make positive contributions: Winners see themselves as part of the total picture of life. They realize that everything they do impacts everyone and everything around them.  They contribute to their family, school, community, country, and environment.
  1. Winners know themselves: Winners realize who they are, what they believe, their present roles and goals in life as well as their future roles and goals. They use their experiences to learn from the past, plan for the future, and live as fully as possible in the present.
  1. Winners project themselves in a positive manner: Winners project their best selves in the way they look, talk, listen and act.  They take care of their health and maintain a neat, approachable physical appearance.  Winners actively listen and think before they speak.  They are also humble and respectful in speech and actions.