10 Characteristics of a Winner

    Characteristics of Winners
  1. Winners expect success: Winners are confident. They expect nothing less than success. They are willing to work hard and make sacrifices, in order to achieve it. […]

Four Major Components of Self-Defense

Many times martial arts schools teach just the physical portion to self-defense, completely ignoring or failing to cover the other crucial parts of self-defense. If the physical altercation […]

Attaining Goals in Martial Arts and in Life

Attaining Goals Everyone has goals. Not everyone has a plan for reaching those goals. Here are some principles to use in achieving your goals. Positive Thinking: Do not be a pessimist! There […]

Master Instructor’s Thoughts on Bullying

My Thoughts on Childhood Bullying- I have a very peculiar view on bullying, based on our evolution as human beings. Before we were living in an agrarian society, we, as […]
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