• The dojang is a serious place of learning. All students and visitors should treat the dojang as they would a church or a library.

  • Bow to the instructors in the lobby before entering and exiting the building.  Bow before entering and exiting the classroom floor. Bow before starting any partner activity.  Bow when greeting an instructor and other students.

  • Keep the building neat and clean at all times.   Remove shoes before entering the classroom. Shoes and duffle bags should be placed in the proper bin.  Students will be asked to reorganize the classroom and lobby area at the end of every class.

  • Personal Hygiene is very important in a martial arts training environment.  Students should thoroughly wash their hands after using the restroom. Nails should be trimmed and clean.  Uniforms and equipment must also be clean. If a student is ill, he/she should stay home until he/she feels better.

  • Uniforms must be in good condition without rips or stains.  Uniforms should be white and not faded. Jewelry should be left at home.  Wedding bands and religious medallions are the only jewelry items authorized to be worn in class. Female students are required to wear a solid colored undershirt underneath the uniform. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied back in a non-obstructive manner.

  • Before class greet the instructor, sign in on the kiosk,  warm up and stretch out. Line up at the back edge of the classroom five minutes before class and meditate or stretch.  When the instructor calls the class to line up, do so quickly and in an orderly manner according to rank.

  • If you arrive late to class, stand at the class room entrance at the position of attention.  Wait for your instructor to call you into class. If you must leave class early, let the instructor know before class.

  • Never walk through the classroom or do any individual activity inside the classroom, while class is in session without the instructor’s permission.  Only students are allowed onto the classroom floor.

  • Keep noise at a minimum throughout the building unless answering and yelling in class.  Never conduct any action that would distract from the attention of the class. Parents and family members should also remain quiet while class is in session. Horseplay in the lobby area and change rooms is prohibited.

  • Students must pay attention to the instructor while in class.  If you need to speak to anyone other than the instructor, wait until a scheduled break. (Parents should refrain from speaking to children while they are in class, except in cases of emergency.  If a family member notices a safety hazard, he/she may bring it to the attention of the instructor or the assistant).

  • All students shall wait for their parents inside the building.  You shall not leave with anyone not designated by your parents. Parents may not leave their child at the school more than twenty minutes before or after class without permission from the instructor beforehand.

  • All students should show respect to all others within the school at all times.  Students should listen to senior ranks. Senior ranks should only teach what is in the best interest of the student.

  • When speaking to an instructor bow and call him/her by his/her proper title.   (Mr./Ms. and last name or sir/ma’am).

  • Safety is of utmost importance during all activities performed at the dojang.  Think before you act. Don’t do anything that will put your or anyone else’s safety in jeopardy.  Students may feel free to sit out of an activity they don’t feel safe doing, after notifying the instructor.

  • Students may participate in tournaments only with the approval of their instructor.

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