Master Instructor’s welcome letter

Welcome to Maximum Martial Arts University!  I would personally like to extend my appreciation to you and your family for choosing our school.   I am excited to help you along the tremendous experience of discovering martial arts and to help you receive all the benefits Maximum Martial Arts has to offer.

Our martial arts school is a unique learning institution, where you are not just a student, but also part of a family of martial artists striving for excellence.  Each student here at our school is an important part of this learning community.  Your successes in class will further the successes of every other student.  Every other student’s successes will further your own success.

The success of each student also depends on an interdependent relationship between the instructor, the student, and the student’s parent/s.  All three are parties have equally important roles and responsibilities for making the student’s experience of martial arts enjoyable and fulfilling.   The following lists will serve as a summary of responsibilities for each person.

The Instructor’s Responsibilities:

  • Teach fun and exciting classes
  • Provide a fun, safe and clean learning environment
  • Teach the set martial arts curriculum with high standards
  • Provide a challenge to each student
  • Provide advancement and leadership opportunities
  • Be a martial arts role model

The Parent’s Responsibilities: 

  • Bring your children to class consistently and on time
  • Encourage your child throughout their training
  • Be a sturdy rock! Insist that your child accomplishes his/her goals, even when your child loses focus and interest at times.
  • Don’t use martial arts as a bargaining chip for punishing your child. e. taking away martial arts, when your child is in trouble at home.
  • Stop in and watch classes and promotion ceremonies. Your child is eager to show you how well they are doing.

The Student’s Responsibilities: 

  • Come to class consistently and on time
  • Come to class with a good attitude, do your best, and give your full attention to the instructor
  • Keep an acceptable level of personal hygiene and bring all of your gear to every class
  • Be safe
  • Have fun!!

With all of these responsibilities being met by the instructor, students and parents, the martial arts experience will be very rewarding! If there are ever any questions or concerns, bring them to my attention.  My number one priority is to ensure your success in learning.   I care for each student as if he/she were my own brother, sister, son or daughter.  Welcome to our school and our martial arts family.