June 2018

Perseverance is the Bridge Between Success and Failure


What do you think of, when you think of Michael Jordan: success or failure?So, most people think of Michael Jordan as the GOAT... he's a 6-time champion, multiple MVP's, first billionaire in sports, first player-turned-owner... you name it, he's done it! The second part of the question - and it's rhetorical/food for thought - is [...]

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Student Creed


I always remember that martial arts begin with respect and end with respect. I will develop myself in a positive manner, and avoid anything that is bad for my mind and body. I will develop self-discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others. I will use what I learn in [...]

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Instructor Lineage


For students learning martial arts, it is always important to know the lineage of your instructors. The quality of the martial art you are learning depends largely on the quality of your instructor.  Your instructor’s martial arts pedigree is just as important as his/her propensity toward teaching and serving as a martial arts role [...]

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