June 2022

Our Mission:


Maximum Martial Arts University is dedicated to providing quality martial arts instruction to the city of Las Cruces and its surrounding areas.  Our instructors are highly experienced, internationally certified professionals, who strive to instill excellence into each student. Our instructional curriculum is based on teaching effective self defense, while developing each student mentally, physically, [...]

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10 Steps to Dramatically Increase Pedagogical Efficiency


Teach Students the Difference Between Hearing and Listening: Hearing is the passive absorption of information given by an educator. Listening is the pursuit of actively of trying to understand and internalize the information given by an educator. The distinguishment between Hearing and Listening must be taught from the onset of the educational process. The skill [...]

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January 2020

Master Instructor’s Thoughts on Bullying


My Thoughts on Childhood Bullying- I have a very peculiar view on bullying, based on our evolution as human beings. Before we were living in an agrarian society, we, as human beings, were hunter gatherers, the key word being 'hunters'. This is still coded into our DNA. All people have the propensity to hunt [...]

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July 2019

Sparring Progression in the Dojang


Sparring inside the Dojang should help you learn to spar better, not make you hurt each other. As you continue your training here at Maximum Martial Arts University, you will eventually realize that the overall focus and emphasis for training is Mastery, not some quick result that gives instant gratification.  With that being said, [...]

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Understanding the Learning Process in Martial Arts


The Learning Process for Martial Arts can seem somewhat daunting, but should be learned with a fun, systematic approach. Learning how to best learn martial arts is a fundamental skill for all practitioners. The first part of learning is understanding that consistent quality repetition beats overly zealous training and is the secret to mastery. Many students will [...]

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September 2018

4 Parts of Self-Defense


More than One Piece to Self-Defense: Many times martial arts schools teach just the physical portion to self-defense, completely ignoring or failing to cover the other crucial parts of self-defense. If the physical altercation techniques of self-defense are only covered, the school is doing students a disservice. In fact, if you find yourself getting [...]

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July 2018

Master Instructor’s Welcome Letter


Master Instructor’s welcome letter Welcome to Maximum Martial Arts University!  I would personally like to extend my appreciation to you and your family for choosing our school.   I am excited to help you along the tremendous experience of discovering martial arts and to help you receive all the benefits Maximum Martial Arts has to [...]

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Important Self-Defense Concepts


There is much more to Self-Defense than just the physical aspects of the 'fight'.  Here are some key concepts regarding self-defense, before the 'fight'. Many times, if you can use these concepts effectively, fighting becomes completely unnecessary.  When fighting back does become necessary, this article should help with some great insights about proper self-defense [...]

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June 2018

Characteristics of a Winner


    Characteristics of Winners Winners expect success: Winners are confident. They expect nothing less than success. They are willing to work hard and make sacrifices, in order to achieve it. They will not let themselves be defeated through self-doubt or incompetence. Winners stay motivated: Winners have a strong, burning desire to achieve their goals.  [...]

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Tenets of Taekwondo


The Tenets of Taekwondo In Taekwondo, there are several principles, or Tenets, to which students are to adhere -- not only in the dojang, or only while training, but in life. The Tenets are listed below in no particular order: each of the Tenets is just as important as every other. The principles listed [...]

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